Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advertising Model

The advertising model for the site is limping along, but needs some work:
  1. Not every registrar has an affiliate program that pays for leads. The big bulk registrars (non-retail) are particularly bad about this. To them I say: IS AVAILABLE.

  2. There are several advertiser "policies" that hurt leads generated by HotNameList. For example, if the domain buyer clicks through to registrar, but then uses a promotional code or coupon, the promotional code provider gets the sale instead of HotNameList.

  3. Nothing prevents HotNameList site visitors from skipping the registration link and going straight to their favorite registrar.

  4. Ad Blockers and Cookie Blockers: Bah! Humbug! If there is no cookie, there is no affiliate income.

  5. Buyer goes elsewhere before buying domain to check statistics, and gets a new cookie.

If you appreciate the HotNameList service, and want to help us out:
  • Turn off your Ad Blocker.

  • Come back to to place your order.

  • Click on the domain you want to buy, and choose one of the available registrars.

  • Don't use a promotional or coupon code (or complain to the registrars that have this policy).
Domain names are weird though, since they are each unique, like a snowflake. This means the listing here at HotNameList can always be matched up to the actual sale, when it does eventually happen. Some percentage of domains are probably randomly registered, but when 2-3 get registered by the same person, on the same day, it's probable that we found them here.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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