Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free HotNameList Trial Offer

Free trial subscription access thru Dec-15-2008. This includes access to all historical domain statistics (CPC, searches, etc) thru Sep-10-2008.

To receive this offer:
1) Just leave a public comment on this blog telling why you find useful. A postback from your blog, if you have one, is greatly appreciated!
2) Send me a a separate email at indicating which comment is yours. I will reply with your access info.

Happy Domain Hunting!

NOTE: You won't get the 24-hour early access or Excel spreadsheet download, since that is for paying subscribers only.


  1. this is a great blog, it gives the best domain names researched and purified to match every niche you are targeting.

  2. Thanks. Don't forget to send me an email (, so I can send you account info.

  3. Great website! Finally there's a website that shows domains that I can actually register.