Thursday, January 15, 2009

Neat Domain Search Tricks

Here are a few "tips and tricks" for power users of

1) The Search button is your friend! Search over 9000 available domain names in our database. You can use AND and OR between words, like: "Dogs" or "Cats". Note, quotes don't currently work in search.

2) Our search supports stemming. This means that if you search for "running", it will use the stem of the word and return any words with "run", "runs", "runner", etc.

3) Are you curious about how many "sold" domains are registered by a particular registrar? Try searching for "Godaddy" on the search page, and look at the count of domains returned. This also works fine for other registrars, like "Moniker", etc.

4) We put the "category" of the word in the search, too, so if you want to see all "Hot Picks" (our best names every day), then put "Hot Picks" in the search.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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