Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Domains Are Investors Buying?

In the top-left-corner of the HotNameList.com homepage is a list titled "Last 50 HotNameList.com Registrations". Maybe you're wondering what this list is all about? If so, read on...

About once per hour the HotNameList.com server checks each of the names listed on HotNameList to determine whether it has been recently registered. If a name is found to be just registered in the last hour, it is added to the list as "SOLD". This doesn't prove beyond doubt that the buyer found the name on HotNameList.com, but we have a lot of evidence to back up that it was (clicks on our site, multiple domains registered at the same time by the same person, etc.).

I thought I'd discuss a few of the recent sales. If you like this discussion, please comment and we'll do it again:

1/20/2009 InaugurationEvent.com -- This makes sense that it sold today. Barack Obama was inaugaurated today. It may be hard to montetize a domain where the event occurs so infrequently, though.

1/20/2009 InducingVomiting.com -- I imagine that type-in traffic to this site will definitely be extremely motivated to click on any ads they see!

1/20/2009 CountryCrooner.com -- Could be a good site for a country music band.

1/19/2009 CampaignStops.com -- Could be a great site for finding information about where political candidates will be next! I'm not so sure about this domain on account of the "s"-prefix on the second word. Could be confused with CampaignsTops.com

1/19/2009 KathleenHoltz.com -- Not sure if this was registered by Kathleen herself, since it's a private registration. The domain is not parked, though. Kathleen is the youngest American to pass the Bar Exam, ever. If that's not your name, do you really want to own a hotshot lawyer's domain name?

It'll be interesting to see if any of these sites are developed.

The number of registrations per-day and per-month has been steadily going up over the last few months since we launched. Nearly 5% of listed names are sold -- hundreds-per-month. So, keep an eye on the list if you want to see activity.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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