Friday, February 13, 2009

Are All The Good COM Domains Taken?

Whenever the subject of domain names comes up, one of the interesting points is how many are actually taken?

A quick search on the web indicates that more than 78 million COM domain names taken. And most people know that all the two-letter and three-letter COM domains are all taken.

But, what about all the words in the English language? I just happened to have a list of 100,000+ English words. And I decided to see what's left...

After a little bit of computer programming magic, I discovered this: Out of about 100,000 English words in my test dictionary, only about 8500 are available (8.5%).

How good are these available single-word domains? Almost every one of them is terrible! The word is either very obscure, or very long with lots of prefixes and suffixes. There may be a few good ones in there to be hunted down. But in general, all the decent English-single-word-domains are gone.

For reference, the 1500+ word-list is also available for download as a text file. I have another, even bigger list of 8400+ available single-word COM domains here. Note: I won't be updating these lists, so if some of the names get registered, the files will get out of date. And remember, other single words that aren't on the list may expire over time and become available.

If you don't like these names, you can still search for available multi-word COM domains using the search feature of Or, our daily twitter of available names. Or, if you really want a good single-word name, you'll need to go to a domain auction or catch an expiring name. Or, invent a word.

UPDATE APR-16-2009: Updated the 1500 word list here.

Happy Domain Hunting!


  1. Not almost good is taken. It's just by your needed and thinking about a good domain you want to using.
    Very much domain still available for you choose.
    Just try it

  2. Hmm maybe just try .net or something or is this seen as a "cheap" domain name? It is true, most of the times when I want to buy a domain it really takes a lot of fiddling before i find a good one..


    R.C. Vliegtuig

  3. @RC The .COM TLD is really the best. The valuation of .COM domains is always highest when domains are sold.

    Several reasons for this:

    For example, if you TELL someone that to send you an email at, the odds are they will forget and send it to If you own a .COM that has a popular .NET associated with it, you probably get lots of email.

    There are lots of other reasons.

    Typically .COM is most popular, followed by .NET, .DE and .ORG. The new .CO is also starting to make some inroads.

  4. most if the .com are taken. you can always go for other domain names or get and alternative .net or .org. Even when a new movie comes out, they couldn't get the best domain name. so they add something like "THE"

  5. Try to use some cheap domain, there are list of domains are available like .com, .net and many more. when you gonna choose a domain u gonna purcahse it u will find out more easy domains and cheap doamin.
    Ben Linus,
    Go Here for more

  6. Well ! I agree with you Prince. .com is the universal domain extension in the world. It is one of the oldest domain too. Most of the domain buyers would like to buy .com extension. If it is not available means, they will try to choose a different domain name and check for a .com extension. In my point of view, .com is one of the reason to help page ranking in search engines. Likewise, other extensions like .net, .org, .info are also tld's but, we gave the second preference to them .BTW, domain extensions are cheaper at .