Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Most Common Registrars

Since September 2008, the registrations on HotNameList have been spread among the following registrars:

Godaddy 34.5%
DomainCannon 11.1%
Above 6.7%
Enom 6.6%
DomainKing 5.1%
Name 4.5%
Wild West 3.8%
Moniker 3.6%
All Other Registrars 24.1%

Like total market share of all COM domains, Godaddy is in the lead. But the other items don't really match the total market share for all registars. I think this is because buyers at HotNameList include many more serious investors.

Happy Domain Hunting!


  1. Contrast with this list on DomainNameWire.com: http://domainnamewire.com/2009/03/03/survey-go-daddy-top-domain-name-registrar/

  2. How do you get affiliate fees for sending people to a registrar with a name you've created? Seems the Godaddy systems makes it easy to get money from other programs like web site building, but I see many people doing this for domain names.

  3. @Brian:

    Commission Junction (CJ.COM) has an affiliate program for Godaddy. I make $1 or so, per registration -- more if people buy extra stuff like hosting.

    The problem is that if a person enters a coupon code OR has cookies turned off (very common), then I get zero.

    CJ also has a couple of other registrar affiliates like 1&1 and Above.com.

    It's not a very good business model for me, because although I get hundreds of clicks per month, most people end up using coupons.