Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3 New Ways To Get A Great Domain Name

We've made some improvements to HotNameList that will help you find the best domain names. The changes are described below this screenshot:

#1) Trademark Hints

Thanks to a user suggestion, we added a new "Trademark" column that shows you whether the name may violate a common trademark. Of course, this is really just a start for your own trademark search. We check against a database of 2500 well-known trademarks. For your own searches, you should go to the USPTO.gov site, or consult an attorney.

As a domain buyer, it is very important to educate yourself on issues related to trademarks, famous names, UDRP, and copyright. Avoiding domain squatting issues is key to success.

#2) Google Search Insights Link

The "Average Monthly Phrase Searches" column has been simplified -- it was previously two columns. The higher the number of searches, the better the keywords in the domain may be for receiving type-in search traffic.

Even better, the phrase count is now a link. Clicking on the link will take you to the Google Search Insights page for the words in the domain name. The Search Insights page looks something like the screen shot below. The graph show whether the keywords in the domain are becoming more popular over time:

A "hockey stick" graph, like this one for MexicoSafe.com is a good thing! Another interesting trend occurs for domains that spike seasonally, like EmmyWin.com.

#3) Streamlined BUY Link

We streamlined the domain "Buy" link. Since almost 35% of HotNameList registrations go through GoDaddy, we now simply always link to Godaddy. This isn't completely altruistic, because we didn't have much luck with affiliate income from any other registrars.

Please support HotNameList by using our GoDaddy BUY link -- you'll get a great domain at an awesome price: $7.69 for one year without requiring a coupon. The GoDaddy site is a bit confusing, and tries to make you register for 5 years -- just update the number of years in the shopping cart when checking out.

Also, ad blockers and third-party coupon codes deny us any commission.

Please come back to our site after you do your research and click the BUY link. Your support helps keep the HotNameList service free.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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