Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recent Hand Registrations

It's time, again, to take a look at some recent domain purchases by HotNameList.com visitors. This is an opportunity to discuss buying trends, and learn why the Pro's are buying names...

AigBonus.com - The AIG bonus scandal is all over the news, so this search term is spiking. There's no content on the site yet, and it's not clear how the new owner will monetize this quickly enough. Unless AIG turns into the Watergate of this era.

Rheumatologoical.com - One buyer picked up a bunch of single-word medical terms (including antipruitics.com and subaortic.com) from HotNameList.com recently. The CPC on this one is $0.80 with about 800 searches per month. These are long-tail names, but if a potential visitor is sick, this is the specific terminology they may look for.

Capitulating.com - Capitulating means "surrendering or giving up". It's a financial term that refers to how most of us are starting to feel about our stock portfolios. This word is on the mind of many stock investors, who are still on the fence about getting out of the market (a sure sign we are at the bottom).

PrestaValve.com - A valve used on high performance bicycle tires. I registered this one myself, and quickly put up a Devhub mini site. Although this is a term that bike riders will search for when looking for new tubes.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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