Friday, May 8, 2009

Hollywood Doesn't Understand Domain Names

I think that Hollywood is totally blowing it when it comes to domain names. They aren't doing a good job of protecting their intellectual property (trademarks), and they are missing a great chance to generate buzz.

Two examples:

1. Marvel & Iron Man
A few weeks ago, I posted on If you don't know, this is a new TV show on Cartoon network that got picked up for 26 episodes - the premier was a few weeks ago.

Before posting it on, I first used Wikipedia, LinkedIn, and Facebook to find and email the executive producers of the show. I also mailed Marvel's legal department. No response from anyone. About 900 exact monthly searches down the tubes. I guess they think most of their traffic will come through the cartoon network flash site. They obviously don't get it.

2. Star Trek
So the producers of the new Star Trek movie probably think they have everything they need with I beg to differ.

In the last year as the Star Trek advertising buzz has come to a peak, they should definitely have looked at the longer tail of domain names that are available. This is a cheap and easy way to make sure your fans find you:
  • - 1900 monthly exact searches. In fact is only a little more than a year old!
  • - Not a lot of searches, but I'd want to cover my bases.
  • (wouldn't you want to own this to make sure google searches find good reviews?)
  • (nip this in the bud).
The franchise is 30+ years old, but they don't get it.

If you're a Hollywood producer, you should make sure your marketing and legal folks are really covering all your bases. Too much money is at stake -- millions of dollars are going into these ad campaigns. Defensively buying domain names protects your trademarks. And a great domain name just increases your buzz!

Happy Domain Hunting!


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