Sunday, May 10, 2009

Recent Registration Activity

As usual, people are hand-registering some interesting .COM names on HNL. From time-to-time, I post a few choice slections from the recent registration list : The concept for this domain showed up on twitter, and there is an eHow page for it. Not sure what it is all about. Parked on Godaddy. A nasty looking thing. I remember seeing the Eyeballing game floating around the internet last year. The idea of the game is to "eyeball" (estimate) whether lines are paralell, same length, etc. Neat. Page is parked on google -- not pointing to the game. This one really surprised me -- famous Hockey player. Fire your business manager, Dion, if he didn't pick this up for you -- otherwise, call a lawyer. Great search term: 20k+ monthly searches @0.77 estimated CPC. Lots of people like to watch Dion's videos. Nothing at this Dynadot registered site yet. Someone should get some good traffic before Dion's people get the name back via UDRP.

Happy Domain Hunting!