Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recent Registration Activity

Periodically, I like to review recent domain registrations from the HotNameList site. You can review the last 100 registrations here.

Going, Going, Gone!
  • - Once-per-year, this domain gets a BIG spike of quality business-0riented traffic (see graph here). Too bad it's a trademark. Parked on Goddady.

  • - You're an up-and-coming wrapper named "Hot Dolla". Why not buy the domain, just in case you "make it"? Unfortunately, it's now parked! Over 4400 monthly exact searches down the tubes... Can't be good for the career.

  • - Nice generic! Someone who is searching for one of these, is probably ready to buy. The buyer put up a nice WhyPark site quickly, too! Good job.

Still Available...
From our current list of nearly 20k available .COM names:
  • In the "they just don't get it", we have this excellent available domain: I don't recommend the trademark, but it always amazes me when big companies don't protect their brands -- especially with all the TV advertising for this product during the NBA finals.

  • How about this one: 5400 exact monthly searchs @ $0.24CPC: What's it all about? I'm no scientist, but according to Wikipedia, Crytococcus is a common infection in AIDs patients.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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