Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs... Oh My!

Today, the "Domain King", Rick Schwartz, had a good article about picking domain names.

The King's basic advice: Focus on the noun. Add adjectives and verbs to a good-niche-noun to find available domains.

This is similar to what we're doing at HotNameList, but instead of nouns, we focus on "concepts".

For example, if you're looking for domains related to "Pirates", there may be many good longtail domains like:

The noun "Pirate" isn't there -- but this is still a great domain. So don't forget to add the "concept" approach to your arsenal of finding domain names.

Here is a complete list of "pirate" domains on HotNameList -- not all of them have the word "pirate."

At, we can make available domain lists for any topic: Try it out, risk free!

Happy Domain Hunting!


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