Sunday, June 14, 2009

What are Presta Valves?

Back in March, I saw the domain on HotNameList. I didn't even know what a Presta Valve was, but I liked the stats: $1.26 cpc and 2900 exact searches a month!

A little research seemed to indicate it was a generic name -- it's a kind of valve used on mountain bike tires. I searched on, and "presta" doesn't seem to be a trademark. And, if you're searching google for "presta valve", then you're probably very ready to buy something (a pump, an innertube, an adapter, etc).

I bought the name on Godaddy and quickly setup a site using DevHub. If you haven't used DevHub, you're missing out. DevHub makes quick work of montezing landing pages for search terms.

A few months later, the domain is #2 for the search term "Presta Valve" on Google (sometimes, the domain inexplicably falls off the Google first page for a few days -- I haven't figured that out).

My SEO is paying off! I don't know how to get ahead of Wikipedia, though. The site gets great traffic, and is already very profitable. I can only imagine what a bike shop could do with this great domain.

And to think, every day we post about 100 of these great domains on HotNameList. Nearly 10% of them get registered (over time), so check the site every day -- make sure you don't miss out.

EDIT: I also own, which also gets some good traffic. I know it should be "adaptor", but...

Happy Domain Hunting!


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