Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Domain Was Stolen!

Ever wonder what you would do if your domain was stolen? Or if someone's domain is squatting on your trademark?

David W. Nance has a very interesting series of articles on "recovering domains" at his blog, Lex Feuilleton. He's also got some other interesting content at ModernDomainer.com.

The gist of the articles is that you have to really think about what legal techniques you will use to recover your domain. UDRP is slow. Legal exaction is expensive.

Some interesting quotes:

"Standard UDRP administrative case filing can easily cost you $4,000"

On the court litigation side, before even drafting a complaint, small specialty firms require a similar retainer and larger firms, with more overhead, easily require $10,000 or more to initiate litigation over ownership of a single domain name."

"Of 166 UDRP proceedings with decisions issued between January 29 – February 16, 2007, on 21 resulted in a favorable decision for the domain registrant."

"The flip side of all this is that a sharp lawyer can also help a domainer fight anyone trying to force the transfer of a domain. "

Great information!

BTW: Since I like domains a lot, I tried to figure out what Lex Feuilleton means... I Googled a bit, and fell back onto my highschool Latin. My best guess: "Little law book." If you're into latin domains, this one is available: RhinoTillexis.com (it's really kinda funny).

Happy Domain Hunting!


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