Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recent Registration Activity

From time to time, I review recent domain purchases from site visitors at HotNameList: - Many, many Michael Jackson domains were registered recently. This is an excellent one with 27000+ monthly exact searches. Parked at GoDaddy. You just have to get over the "yuck" factor of squatting on the intellectual property of the recently deceased. - I am not sure what this one is all about, although it does get a healthy amount of exact searches. - If you have this, then you are searching for this. The DomainSponsor parking page is terrible, though -- not a lot of relevant links. - $3.63 cpc with about 1300 exact monthly searches. The same site with an "s" at the end was already parked by someone else, but I think this one is better. So, I bought it myself! Registered at NameCheap. Parked at Google. But I plan to make a mini-site at DevHub.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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