Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recent Registration Activity

From time-to-time, I review some recent domain registrations from the HotNameList site. - That's a mouthful for a swiss Mountain dog. Yet, it gets about 9900 exact monthly searches.
(Photo from Wikipedia) - Double trademark squat. :( It's in the news a lot, though. Parked.
- I saw this product on SitePoint. Hopefully, the product owner bought this nice generic domain.
- HBO advertises for this search term (see the Google Screenshot below), but HBO doesn't own the domain (the need a service like Avantla to help them!). But I am sooooo happy to see who the new owners are. Here's a boxer who gets it!

(Screenshot from Google) - I bought this generic, and will be developing it on DevHub, if it gets any traffic.

Happy Domain Hunting!


  1. About the - I'm the new owner of that one, and actually found it through your site... So thanks! :)

    Just launched a site on it as well!

  2. Johan: I would be curious to see how much traffic that domain gets. If you're a dog lover, it's probably a good one!