Tuesday, August 4, 2009

500+ Testimonials -- the easy way!

Over at PremiumDomains.com, they came up with a cool way to get 500 testimonials for their new website. Read on to find out how...

First, they offered a contest for "best slogan" for their new website on twitter. There was a nice prize.

Then, PremiumDomains.com took all the entries and listed them as "testimonials" on their site. They all sound like good testimonials because they're slogans like: "Don't settle for less than a premium domain." With a twitter user's icon and name next to each one.

The fine print makes it all okay, I guess: "These 500+ testimonials were written during a contest we organized to find out the best slogan".

What do you think? It sure worked for them...

Happy Domain Hunting!


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