Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recent Hand Registrations

Wow! We've definitely had a spike in hand registrations from the site since releasing the new iPhone domain finding App. I'd love to hear some success stories! Please post if you're using the App.

Here are a few recent registrations made by visitors to - I used to be an avid online chess player, so I really like this one. Bullet chess is another name for fast chess, which is typically played with a 1 or 2 minute time limit (per side) for the entire game! It's fast like a video game -- not your mother's chess game! - Parked at Godaddy. Funny!!!! - Nothing there yet. It's amazing how bad Hollywood is at getting domains for their intellectual property. I recommend to help! - Parked a Godaddy. This one is a UDRP waiting to happen. - Parked with FYNE, which makes a pretty nice parking page. But I don't like the text "Parked with FYNE" near the top -- it's much too big. - $9.25 cpc! Unfortuantely, low traffic, I bet. Parked at, but could generate some valuable traffic with the right mini site.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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