Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tips for picking domain names.

Ran across this nice list of tips for what too look for in a domain name. If you're looking to hand-register some domains and do some mini-site development, that list is a good place to start.

I'd ignore the part about other extensions, though, and stick with .COM.

Happy Domain Hunting!


  1. I just found a site call which looks like a great place to find websites and domain names.

  2. ACAI: Domains on SEDO are typically already registered. You have to buy them or bid on them at auction.

  3. I've never had a problem using extensions like .net, or .tv - I think the success of a website directly correlates with the quality of said website.

  4. @Electronic Cigarette: I think that it depends on how users get to your site. If you're not a brand name, and they just "remember" it, then I think people will try .COM by default (and the browser will add .COM if you do nothing).

    There are many convincing stories of folks who own the .COM getting the email and the traffic for the .NET and .ORG, because the users remember the site name, but incorrectly use the wrong domain extension.