Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Year End Review

Some cool stats after 365 days of domain names:

1) Available domains listed: 31000+

2) Domain registered from listings: 2720 (about 1 in 11 listings is registered).

3) Last registration of the year: (an actress).

4) First registration: (a consulting company).

5) Most registrations in one month: Aug-09 (410), Jun-09 (391) and Mar-09 (396).

6) Registrations first month: 36.

7) Top Registrar: GoDaddy: 1021 domains. No other registrar is even close.

8) Available at year end: 28,890*

Thank you everyone, for a great first year.

Happy Domain Hunting! (And try the iPhone app!)

* = Some numbers don't appear to add up, because there are a few dups in the list.

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