Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little bit of Domain Industry News.

DropBox acquired DropBox.com this week, after using GetDropBox.com for a few years to build an innovative file-sharing business. More info and commentary on TechCrunch.com.

A few interesting points:
  1. DropBox probably spent millions of dollars marketing their product, that they didn't own the domain for (or the trademarks, apparently).

  2. DropBox had to go to court to get the domain.

  3. According to DomainTools.com, the domain has been registered for at least 6 years, and been dropped a couple of times during that period. DropBox hasn't had the Trademark for that long...

  4. The owner of the domain foolishly advertised competitive products. That's probably what got him in hot water. Would have been better to make a deal...

Happy Domain Hunting!


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