Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Epic FAIL: New TLD's on iPhone

You've heard it everywhere: .COM domains are better and more valuable than other TLD's like .NET, .ORG, .MOBI. and the rest...

To make matters more confusing, ICAAN (the pseudo government body that runs the domain system) is planning to allow companies to create their own TLD's!

Should .COM owners worry?

No. There is no need to worry!

Here's why: See this screen shot from the iPhone's on screen keyboard? There is a special button for .COM.

It's a pain to type on your phone, so that little button saves a lot of typing. But there isn't a button for .NET and all the other new TLD's (no matter what ChefPatrick says).

There are nearly 37 million iPhones/iTouches out there. More and more people do all their browsing from their smart phones. That's a huge market for lazy typers who will instinctively choose .COM when typing domain names.

Unfortunately, the Motorola DROID on-screen keyboard (see below) doesn't have a .COM button.

But that's OK for now -- Apple's runaway market share will help save .COM :)

Happy Domain Hunting!


  1. Hm... I do not see a problem here.
    This button was made only for convenience. Not for promoting .com domains, I guess.

  2. Genoa: Yeah, maybe my post is not so clear.

    I think the value is for .COM.

    New TLD's like: .SPORTS or .NY will not have their own button.

    The win is for .COM.

    The fail is for everyone else.