Wednesday, December 16, 2009

China Bans Personal Websites

Apparently, the Chinese government has issues new regulations that disallow ISP from selling domains (or hosting websites) for chinese citizens. Only licensed businesses will be able to register domains from now on.

It's a sad day for domainers when the biggest potential market of domain buyers/end-users is eradicated in a single swoop.

Happy Domain Hunting!


  1. I'm sure the Chinese people will find a way arond that. It's very hard to really control what people do on the Internet.

  2. @Tour: I haven't heard if the same rules apply to foreign owners of CN domains. Do foreigners need chinese business licenses? I'll have to investigate it.

    Certainly it is another hurdle for free speech in China.

  3. China is cutting down on everything. Next thing you know, China will ban internet altogether.

  4. @Ex Girlfriend: If only they would cut back on pollution and backlink-farms.

  5. UPDATE: China will probably re-enable it's citizens to buy .CN names. Turns out everyone in china just started getting .COM names, since it only required an email address.