Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bunch of Domaining Projects

Soooo Busy lately... lots of domaining projects going on.

I'm really excited about the Southern California Domainers meetup tonight in Laguna beach. I'm stoked because it's only about 15 minutes from my house, and should be a lot of fun.

The Domains For Sale iPhone App is starting to get a little traction. I added SnapNames support this week. And I've started to get at least a few new domain listing requests every day. Plus, I am reaching out to a few more domain after-markets and newsletters to try to beef up the listings just a little more -- hopefully have some progress on that by next week. And this week, I also updated the app which fixed a bunch of bugs. Additionally, I have a ton of new features (especially the slow loading time) almost ready to deploy to the app store, so then the app should be really solid.

One of my other projects,, is also starting to do a bit better. This site is a question & answer site for domainers, with a twist: Your answers get rated, and the best answers move to the top. We've made a bunch of changes on the site to make it easier for new users to become part of the community.

And, not to forget HotNameList: I'm programming a couple new good features: (1) I've made improvements on the name picking algortithm, so names should be getting better. (2) Some secret, members only, features are coming up. So, if you're not a registered user, now is a good time.

Things are going pretty well with HotNameList, by the way. For the month of February, it looks like we'll be finishing up at just over 500 domains registered for the month.

And, this week I did my "monthly duty" as the editor for the Domain/Resources category. Submit your domain-related websites to that category! I update it at least once per month.

Finally I have a few domains for sale this week:

Happy Domain Hunting!


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