Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why is iPhone Critical for Domainers?

Several techie friends have asked me why my two mobile apps only support iPhone. Why not Blackberry or Windows Mobile?

The answer is simple: I'm targeting English speaking countries in: North America, Western Europe and Australia. So "worldwide" phone usage statistics don't matter so much. Only the markets I focus on...

This chart shows North American mobile phone operating system market share:

Some important things to consider for domainers:
  • Soon, the iPhone will be the only way that some consumers will browse the web.
  • The iPhone is sexy and trendsetting. That is super important if "trendy" is your target market!
  • And most importantly, as I've blogged before, the iPhone has a "dot COM button" that makes it easy to enter the .COM TLD in the browser. A huge win for COM domain owners.

The moral: If you want to get into "mobile" in the US, you need a good iPhone story. If you're developing domains, don't forget mobile. Mobile is a big enough trend to revolutionize domaining once again.

Happy Domain Hunting!


  1. personally I think other manufacturers will still catch up, Google's Android based phone, blackberry, the Palm and others as well.

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  3. I totally agree with you. I had known that 4% search had been done for the iphone in google this may be because more users are interested in Iphone.