Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your Support Is Needed...

My AskAboutDomains knowledge exchange is up to about 100 questions! I must admit that I've asked or answered quite a few myself, but it is starting to rack up some page views.

AskAboutDomains has some compelling features:
  • It's like a mix of FAQ and WIKI that's totally focused on domaining.
  • The "best" answers get voted to the top. It's not a forum.
  • You get badges and reputation score by answering questions.
  • No need to create and account to view or answer questions.
I do have one humble request for readers of this blog: Next time someone (a friend, a co-worker, a domain buyer, etc) ask you a question about domaining, please consider entering the question on the AskAboutDomains. That way the answer and the question are preserved for everyone on the web (and you get to score some "rep" points).

Happy Domain Hunting!


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