Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boycotting Arizona and GoDaddy.COM

In protest of the new Arizona immigration law, I've decided to boycott GoDaddy.COM (headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ) as well as all other Arizona businesses.
The way I look at it, the United States used to welcome immigrants with the Statue of Liberty. Now, we're going to subject residents of Arizona (both legal and illegal) to random document searches and arrest based only on a policeman's "suspicions". We risk becoming an unwelcoming nation. It's not right.
Visitors and legal residents of Arizona, who don't quite look "American enough", shouldn't be forced to show their "papers". The new law impacts legal residents whose ancestors have lived in Arizona for thousands of years. The law is not the right solution to immigration -- it's a racist policy that infringes on the constitutional rights American citizens unfortunate enough to live in Arizona. Those who fool themselves that a bad law will somehow get Washington to pass a better law are just making excuses.
Effective Immediately: All GoDaddy links on HotNameList.COM and AskAboutDomains.COM are now disabled, and I will be moving my domain collection to another registrar. I realize this is just a small step, but I hope it signals my beliefs loud and clear.
HotNameList previously sent about 1000+ clicks (solid leads) to GoDaddy per month. Over the years, this has led to sales of thousands registered GoDaddy domains, plus all the upsells and renewals.
Just to be clear, I have no beef with GoDaddy, nor do I wish to imply any support for the immigration law on their part. But I do feel that the Arizona government has a misguided approach to immigration, and Arizona needs to know that this law will impact the economy of Arizona. I hope to restore the GoDaddy links once the Arizona law is repealed.

-- Jorge Monasterio, Editor, HotNameList.com


  1. Other Arizona companies:
    Best Western
    Discount Tire
    First Solar
    Honeywell Aerospace
    Pei Wei
    Peter Piper Pizza
    PF Changs
    US Airways

  2. Good move. I salute you.

  3. So, boycotting a company that has nothing to do with the law is somehow better than pulling over someone because they "look illegal"? It's ironically parallel.

  4. Anonymous: That's a great point. The bigger irony is that my little Boycott has about as much chance of solving the problem as the new law has of solving immigration. :)

    I personally can't put pressure directly on the Arizona legislature and government. But Arizona business can and do:

    So, I will try to boycott as many companies on the list of above as possible. For example, I'm moving this week so, so no u-Haul.

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  6. We are currently discussing the issue with GoDaddy as well (http://www.cctpa.ca) we have decided to see whether or not they will take a public stand on the issue before going to the extent of severing all ties with them.

  7. @Peter: I'd love to hear what you find out.

  8. hello, sorry, but how do we transfer/move domains from godaddy to another nameserver? thanks for any help.

  9. @Anonymous: How to transfer a domain? First create a new account at a different registrar like NAMECHEAP.COM, MONIKER.COM, etc. Then use the transfer option. Usually each registrar will have easy instructions for the process.

    Here are more detailed instructions: http://www.askaboutdomains.com/questions/167/can-i-transfer-a-domain-to-different-provider-to-save-money

  10. Kudos for taking this stand. Taking a stand against local business (much like LA has decided now) is correct, the government needs to realize it is hurting the local business in doing so.

  11. You people boycotting Arizona businesses are IDIOTS. First, you won't have any impact on the situation. Second, the businesses you're boycotting are INNOCENT of any wrongdoing. Finally, the law will NOT target LEGAL residents of this country.

    If you don't understand that the law targets ILLEGALs, then you're either too stupid to get it, or you're consciously in cahoots with the ILLEGALS.

  12. @Anyonymous: Feel free to put your money where your mouth is and buy from Arizona. I think the boycott does have impact on the situation, plus I think that Arizona also loses plenty of cross-border shopping. If Arizona makes it clear that certain "kinds" of people aren't welcome, why should they be surprised when those same people stop shopping there?

  13. I have deleted your site from my bookmarks.

    Arizona is only doing what the federal government has refused to do.

  14. I'm calling ICE on you!

  15. I think that any responsible person should find out whether a company has taken a stand against the new law before deciding to boycott them. After inquiring with GoDaddy, I was told that the company "will not be taking a position". Below is my response.

    Thank you for your reply. I am sorry to say that, as a consumer, I believe in voting with my wallet, and will be taking my business away from GoDaddy and giving it to one of your competitors. It is unfortunate that your company is caught in the middle of this issue, but I believe it is important to take a stand for what is right. If GoDaddy is unwilling to speak out against AZ SB 1070, then I view it as tacit acceptance of an unconstitutional law.

    I don't know if your PR folks have given it much thought, but this issue has very little to do with illegal immigrants. In being here illegally, they do not enjoy the same rights as American citizens. But I think that any intelligent person will agree that in the implementation of this law, a certain number of American citizens (perhaps born here, perhaps not) will be asked to show proof of citizenship. There are no laws in existence anywhere that requires an American citizen to carry identification, so any detainment would be a clear violation of the fourth amendment (protection from illegal search and seizure). If even one American citizen of foreign descent is detained, it would be not only unconstitutional, but abhorrent. And yes it would be racist.

    If GoDaddy decides to change its position and speak out against AZ SB 1070, please let me know - I will be happy to bring my business back. I have been very pleased with the level of service I have received from your company, but I am willing to make sacrifices to do the right thing. I am sorry that you do not feel the same way.

  16. Glad to hear u r taking stand. People in Arizona voted for this law by electing their officils , indirectly those companies participated in this law , atleast the issue is getting more attntion and chance is that it will be solved in this presidancy

  17. Since you are boycotting AZ, I have decided not to do business with you. AZ has the right to protect itself against ILLEGAL immigration.

  18. @anonymous: What business were you doing with me exactly? HotNameList is pretty much a free service. So, I don't get it.

  19. Feel free to boycott GoDaddy. They are the #1 provider in the world, not only the USA. The minority of us citizens are against this law.

    the Majority of people even want this law in their own states.

    You think that a few 1000 hits from you are going to cause Bob parsons to lose sleep? Well they wont! the great thing about being a PRIVATE company is that you dont have to tell anyone your stance on anything. If you dont like it, go buy it somewhere else.

    If you feel that godaddy is unamerican for being in AZ, feel free to use a company that outsources its jobs to INDIA.

    You will never see a job outsourced by bob parsons. He is an Ex MArine, and proud american. In fact i bet he is for this law.

    Why would any AMERICAN CITIZEN be against a law that keeps our borders safe? You have nothing to be afraid of if you are a CITIZEN! The only ones that have anything to worry about are the illegals.

  20. Dear anonymous,

    It's a few thousand sales + upsells (not just hits), but no Bob P won't lose sleep. And neither will I -- because my private company can do what it wants, too.

    The good news is that Arizona has already toned down the law to make it less offensive: http://www.azcentral.com/news/election/azelections/articles/2010/04/29/20100429arizona-immigration-law-changes29-ON.html

    So, even the people who wrote/signed the law realized it wasn't right AND are at least trying to make things better.

    >> You have nothing to be afraid of if you are a CITIZEN

    Watch out! The law says (paraphrased):

    "Legal immigrants and/or native-born Americans who are caught up in the sweep, on the other hand, will be unable to successfully sue for the deprivation of their rights because of the governmental immunity that attaches to most police functions."

    Just don't lose your ID, and hopefully you don't look like a Canadian or Mexican. Then, you'll be fine. You didn't want those rights anyway :)

    Take care,

  21. READ THE BILL!!! before you go and make businesses suffer and make the people who run them and work hard for them have to pay the price for other people who are breaking the law left and right.

    The bill, in 3 specific statements, clearly and explicitly forbids any racial profiling.

    If you are trying to govern a state where people from another country are pouring over the border ILLEGALLY and causing all kinds of problems including kidnapping, raping, stealing from and even murdering your LEGAL RESIDENTS (and the Federal Government is doing nothing about it), don't you think you had better try to do something to stop them from coming and also do all you can to send those who have BROKEN THE LAW back to the country that they came from... AND FIX IT!!!! instead of coming here and sucking money from us and taking advantage of all of what we have worked very hard to establish for ourselves (for generations) and then having the nerve to hold anti-American and often destructive protest rallies acting like THEY ARE SOMEHOW ENTITLED TO EVERYTHING!!!????

    I am all for helping people who need help, but not if they blatantly break laws while they are relentlessly and ungratefully biting the hand that is feeding them.


  22. Frank:

    Bah! There are already laws for "kidnapping, raping, stealing and even murdering".

    I don't buy your argument. The majority of these hard work folks aren't hurting anyone when they pick your tomatoes, put up your drywall, mow your lawns, etc. If Arizonians don't want them to come, they can start by not hiring them.

    But passing laws that take away my rights as an American citizen (the right not to be stopped at random by a policeman who doesn't like the way I look) is not the way to go.

    The law can (now) say that racial profiling is not allowed, but who are they trying to fool?

  23. The problem here is that people are misinformed and mislead into believing that this law that only enforces the FEDERAL law will somehow mean that the gov't will sweep through the state and force everyone to show papers. I agree with Frank but Jorge, you said it best: "If Arizonians don't want them to come, they can start by not hiring them." I think that would be the best solution, fine businesses for hiring illegals. If they (illegals) can't get jobs then they will leave.

  24. @Preston - Thanks for your comments.

    I'm (personally) not worried about sweeps. But I do drive (twice a day) through the border-patrol checkpoints in Northern San Diego county (70 miles north of the border). I don't need the local police adding to my daily traffic jams stopping only the cars with brown people in them.

    Back to the immigrant labor: The US is missing a program that allows businesses to compete in the world market (with China, India, etc). We have a fantastic source of cheap labor nearby, but we don't have a legal way for US farms and businesses to grow by utilizing it.

    States that welcome immigrants WILL do better in the long run:
    1) Higher entrepreneurship by immigrants (look at the Silicon Valley). These are people that want to work and achieve the American dream.
    2) Stronger tax base. More younger workers contributing to state coffers and social security, etc.
    3) Hard working, low cost labor force.

    The US previously had a temporary immigrant labor force (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bracero_Program).

    Instead, now, we just push immigrants away AND don't provide any help for small businesses and farms in the US that DO need quality labor.

    Crime is a red herring for immigration:

    "According to FBI statistics, violent crimes reported in Arizona dropped by nearly 1,500 reported incidents between 2005 and 2008. Reported property crimes also fell, from about 287,000 reported incidents to 279,000 in the same period. These decreases are accentuated by the fact that Arizona's population grew by 600,000 between 2005 and 2008."

    "Crime rates have already been falling in Arizona for years despite the presence of unauthorized immigrants, and a century's worth of research has demonstrated that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes or be behind bars than the native-born."

    In all the law is a loss for Arizona. While they ARE making a statement, I suspect it's not a proactive way to encourage the right kind of immigration. The good folks will leave, and the bad folks won't care. Worst yet, LEGAL visitors from south of the border account for significant shopping and purchasing from local business (and sales taxes). These visitors will go elsewhere (Texas), and Arizona will be stuck with the label of an "unfriendly" state for years to come (not worth it!)

    Proactive is the way to handle this: Find ways to rebuild our economy with the help of the immigrant labor force, rather than criminalizing it.

  25. Jorge, I agree with you 100%. Brewer's approval ratings were low, so she decided to make Arizona a police state to keep her power. I wonder how many Hispanic-American voters Arizona will detain on election day.

    I will not spend one dime in any business headquartered in Arizona.

  26. I'm completely agree, profiling expose blatant imperialism. And we are liberators, not conquerors. Remember: We are the light of the world! if the light loses its brightness what is good for?

  27. Glad to hear u r taking stand. People in Arizona voted for this law by electing their officils , indirectly those companies participated in this law , at least the issue is getting more attntion and chance is that it will be solved in this presidancy.

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