Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why I Pick Domain Names

I haven't updated everyone on my own collection of domains for a while. Here are some domains I hand-registered recently: and -- Added to my collection of "blog" domains that includes,, and Skinnies.NET -- Apparel domains in a popular fashion category. The kids like these products, so should generate some traffic.

I also added to my collection of first and last names. An interesting point is that I picked a few of these up ONLY because the .NET version was taken, but the .COM was available:,,,,,,

I bought a couple of "food" related domains:, (chopsticks in Japanese).

I started dabbling in .NET domains for the first time, with some nice keyword domains:,,

And I added to my existing collection of Presta Valve related domains with:

Only time will tell if these were good buys, but I mostly stuck to my guns: All domains had high CPC and high monthly searches. Mostly DOT coms.

Happy Domain Hunting!


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