Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Foodie" Domain monetization in 144 characters.

Interesting tweet exchange today (I hope Domaining365 forgives me for publishing direct messages).

Domaining365: - It's Available - Use recipes & YouTube for content, monetize w/ #affiliate plan. #domaining #domainers

HotNameList: I have a few food domains, like, but have never been able to monetize well.

Domaining365: WP blog, rework content from "how to" artcls & youtube vids. Rank 4 "philadelphia roll" monetize w/ affiliate pro

Domaining365: Monetize w/ affiliate plan from company offerings sushi products, ex products: check partners

HotNameList: Wow! You crammed a whole "career" into 144 chars. Thanks for the tips.

Domaining365: Get in the groove and that site will take u 4 hrs to build, soup to nuts. Get it live & it earns forever + easier to sell w/traffic. GL!

I love how friendly people are on Twitter, and how the 144 character format forces you to be terse when you show someone the ropes!

Thanks Domaining365!

Happy Domain Hunting!



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