Friday, December 3, 2010

Experiment: Feminizing Uranium

I am doing an SEO experiment today.

I took one of the top trending topics on Google Trends: "Feminizing Uranium"
1. I bought the domain on NameCheap: at 4PM PST on DEC-3-2010.
2. I created a quick one page site using DevHub. DevHub created a sitemap.xml for me.
3. I added the domain to Google WebMaster tools.
4. I added the domain to Bing WebMaster tools.
5. I added google analytics to the domain.
6. I tweeted about the domain on a throw-away twitter account.
7. I blogged about the domain here on this blog.

Now I want to see how much traffic I get for this term.

Happy Domain Hunting!


  1. UPDATE 5:37 PST: is not on first page of GOOGLE or BING, yet. Unless you click on "latest".

  2. UPDATE 5:40 PST: I think the term is pure junk -- most of the searches for "Feminizing Uranium" are just tacked onto articles about something else.

    My theory is that "news" websites are watching trending google topics, and inserting those terms at random into junky articles to drive traffic.

  3. UPDATE 6:05 PM PST: No traffic stats avaialble yet. Added YouTube video to one page site.

  4. UPDATE DEC-5-2010 8:23AM: Now is on page 1 of google (fifth link). Still not on Bing.

  5. Also, no one has visited the site, according to google analytics.

  6. UPDATE: DEC-6-2010 6:54AM: Moved up to the 4th result on Google. Still not on Bing. Still not a single visitor, according to Google. I may own this keyword soon, but what is the point?

  7. Sure, you may "own the term" but it's pointless. But if your goal was a SEO test, you got that. Can't imagine you'd make money with it. Well, maybe you can put more real content on the page and sell water filters? Any way, you're 5th on Google now.

  8. @Anyonymous -- It is pointless. I did learn 2 things: (1) It takes longer to get to the first page of Bing. (2) On the day that some "random" term like this gets into Google trends, Black hat SEO'ers stick the words "feminizing uranium" into all sorts of unrelated articles to try to get some of that traffic.

    I had never heard of #2, so I think the whole experiment is a win. Well, I am only out $9.19.