Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The HotNameList.com website is FOR SALE

I'm getting out of the available domain name business. Why? I have some new projects I want to focus on. This site has been going for almost 3 years, and it's time for me to move on.

What you get:
- The domain: HotNameList.com
- The website and all content, including the blog.
- The back-end tools perl scripts and other tools used to automatically find domains and create the site.
- iPhone app
- The entire domain database (approx 100,000 domains).
- The Facebook feed, twitter account, RSS feed, and more.

Contact me with serious offers for more info (visitor stats, etc): editor@hotnamelist.com

Happy Domain Hunting!



  1. That's quite a bundle!

    Hope you get some serious offers - I think there's potential to build on your hard work.

    From my (foreign language) point of view, I wonder whether non-English TLDs will be included?

  2. @Jon: I have configured HotNameList to find non-english COM domains before (see: http://www.hotnamelist.com/10-03-2008 near the bottom).

    But I think you mean: TLD's like .MX, .FR, etc??? The tools could be adapted to do that, but I have never had a personal interest.