Saturday, October 22, 2011

Starting A New Business? You Need Domains!

Here are some tips for finding great domain names:

1) Know your niche. If there are a lot of companies in your niche, a lot of the obvious names are taken. Increase the domain length to widen the search.

2) Whatever name you end up selecting for your company, you should consider buying a few other names for "type in search traffic". Many less sophisticated users type directly into the address box, like "", to see what they find, instead of using a search engine. It would be good to have a few of those addresses forward to your new site. You can beef them up with a landing page, and even get some good search traffic -- google likes keywords in domain names. If you already know all about this, then I will stop here.

3) Search for domain names with and without a trailing "S". Perhaps you like, but you also notice that (without the s) is available. You should own both, because many of your customers will forget the trailing "S".

4) Play around with some of the names. For example shorten "Property" -> "Prop", etc. Put CA, or CAL as a prefix.

5) Verify that the name you choose isn't too similar to other names already in the niche -- I do not check for this.

6) Check for US trademaks.

Happy Domain Hunting!
-- Jorge.


  1. Good tips! Now with .co opened up you have to buy all the .info .com .org just to be safe on top of what you said. I live in Aus so I had to get too.

  2. I went through a lot of trouble when trying to find the perfect name for mysite. And after initial failures, it occured as if everything was taken away and finally could land on a good catch. This is interesting technique though.